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The end goal of our dental marketing services is to get more patients into your practice.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  • We bring you qualified traffic to your website.
  • We use a conversion rate optimization process to find the biggest leaks your website has.
  • You attract new patients for your practice from the traffic we bring. Or you get more patients from the traffic you already have.

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There are a lot of dental marketing companies out there. We all offer pretty much the same dental marketing services, right? Social media marketing, dental ads, dental Adwords etc.

But how do you choose the best dental marketing company for your practice, then?

Well, below we’ve put everything you want to know about our dental marketing services in order to have all the information you need to decide properly.

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“What types of dental marketing services can you help me with?”

Here’s the list with all the dental marketing services we can help you with. Click the links below to jump to the section that interests you.

Dental marketing services:

Dental marketing strategy

This is a key component of our dental marketing services. You cannot promote your dental practice and get maximum results without a proper dental marketing strategy or plan.


Well, anyone can come up with dental marketing ideas. “Let’s create some Facebook dental ads” or “Let’s try dental Adwords” or “Let’s try email marketing” or any other dental web marketing ideas that might work to attract new patients to your dental office.

But only when you put all these random marketing ideas in the right order you actually manage to get more patients into your practice. Otherwise, it’s like having all the pieces of the puzzle, but you put them in a random order.

When you choose our dental marketing services, the first step we take is to set up a main (specific and measurable) objective and several intermediary, secondary ones.

Next, we put in detail everything that we’ll do to achieve that objective.

You’ll also know HOW DO WE MEASURE all the objectives and WHEN we are going to achieve them.

In this way, you can always use this dental office marketing plan to check if everything is on schedule or not.

Dental conversion rate optimization services

First, we find where your website is leaking money. This is the first step before starting any dental marketing campaign.

For this, we set up all necessary data collection – analytics and mouse tracking analysis, user session replay videos, patient and web surveys etc.

And we analyze every element that influences conversions – from how powerful and persuasive is the text on your website to every element from the customer’s journey.

After this analysis, you’ll get all our findings in an actionable report.

It will outline specific changes we suggest you should make to your website if you want to get more patients (and if you want maximum results from the dental marketing campaigns).

We can present everything we found over a call where we answer all of your questions and can discuss the implementation.

The bottom line of this type of dental marketing service is this: we will make you more money with the traffic you have.

Dental SEO marketing services (SEO for dentists)

SEO is one of the most efficient dental marketing ideas to attract new patients to your dental practice in the long run because it helps you reach only those people who need your services AND you pay nothing to Google because your website will appear organically when someone searches for a dentist on Google.

Here’s a quick overview of this dental marketing service:

1) We identify the keywords that will bring you targeted traffic (people who need a dentist and dental services);

2) We make sure Google likes your website (we check for technical errors and we make sure everything is ok from an On Page SEO point of view)

3) We attract backlinks to your website (backlinks are links from other websites that mention your website; these act as a “vote of trust” in Google’s eyes and you need them in order to show up on the first page of Google)

The bottom line of the dental SEO marketing service is this: we make sure you appear in the first page of Google for relevant keywords that will bring you targeted traffic, which is people that need your services.

Dental websites (dental web design services)

We create dental websites to get people to make an appointment.

We are a dental marketing firm, not a design agency and this is why the whole purpose of every one of our dental marketing services is to bring more patients to your dental practice.

How can dental web design help you promote your practice and attract more patients?

Before thinking about the design, about the aesthetics, we think about your patients. What information do they need in order to make an appointment and how we can deliver this information in the most convenient way possible for him.

Only after we’ve decided upon all these aspects, we build the design part having your buyer’s journey in mind.

Dental email marketing services

This is not the typical email marketing where you blast your list with offers. This rarely works.

What we do instead, is to send people more information regarding your dental services in order to answer their questions, their fears and their objections. Because only when people trust you they will call for an appointment.

The sole purpose of email marketing in the dental industry should be to build trust. And you build trust by showing people that you understand them and their concerns.

Oh, and we don’t send the same email to everyone. What we do instead we send people only the information that are interested in. For instance, we send information related to teeth whitening only to people who showed interest in teeth whitening.

Dental Facebook Ads

These are not the typical Facebook dental ads most dental marketing companies run.

We don’t run cold Facebook Ads to promote your dental practice in your area to people who have never heard of you.

What we do instead, we use Facebook to run retargeting ads to get you more patients (a.k.a make you more money) from the traffic you already have.

For instance, let’s searches on Google for a dentist in your area. Visits your website, but for whatever reason, leaves. Then we can show this person an ad on Facebook where we offer him or her more information about the service you provide. In this way we gradually build trust AND we make sure we remind them about your practice.

Dental Adwords

Dental Adwords is another key component of our dental marketing services (and for the dental industry in general).


Because it helps us reach only those people who are searching for a dentist. There’s no better way to bring targeted traffic (and new patients!) faster and in a more efficient way than Google Adwords.

What we do differently than most other dental marketing companies out there is that:

  • We track phone calls from ads so that you know which ad performs best;
  • We track how many people submitted an appointment form to measure the return on investment of your dental marketing budget;
  • We test at least 3 value propositions (messages) for each dental service;

Dental content marketing (or inbound marketing)

Content marketing is a great way to promote your dental practice, attract new patients AND convert more of your traffic, in the LONG RUN.


Because through content marketing, instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing relevant and useful content to your patients, content that answers their fears and their objections that keep them from buying from you.

Here’s a quick overview of the process of this dental marketing service:

1) We use special online marketing tools to identify what questions people have related to your services, questions that would help us attract new patients.

For instance, teeth whitening bleaching vs laser is a phrase that people use on Google X times per month.

2) We create an in-depth article that answers to every question related to this topic. Keep in mind, we don’t promote your dental service through this article. We are just helping people find an answer.

3) We optimize this article for Google so that it shows up among the first results when someone is searching for this topic. Without optimizing it, it would be useless.

4) We run retargeting dental ads to guide these people towards scheduling an appointment.
Content marketing is composed of 2 words – content and marketing. This marketing part is crucial to convert visitors into patients.

Keep in mind, we are a dental marketing company, so the sole purpose of every dental marketing service is to bring in new patients for your dental practice. We don’t create articles just to see that you have more visitors in Google Analytics, but to build trust with these visitors and convert them into patients.

Dental Social Media Marketing (Facebook and Instagram) services

Here’s something you won’t hear from many dental marketing companies: we don’t like social media marketing very much.

Why? Three reasons:

1) Facebook’s algorithm is built in such a way that it doesn’t allow you to reach a lot of people without paying for sponsored content

2) You waste a lot of money promoting your dental office to people who don’t need dental services (because Facebook doesn’t know who has a dental issue and who doesn’t)

3) You put a lot of effort for minimum to zero results. There are other dental marketing channels that yield 10 times the results, with less effort.

So, why do we offer these social media dental marketing services?

Because you need them. After people get on your website, they will stalk you on Facebook. They will want to see that you “exist” on social media. They will want to check out the reviews. They will want to check out the team, the doctors, what you post, the “personality” of your dental practice.

“How can I know if your dental marketing services are worth it or not? How can I choose the best dental marketing company?”

There tons of marketing companies out there. How can you find out what is the best dental marketing company, even before hiring one?

There tons of marketing companies out there. How can you find out what is the best dental marketing company, even before hiring one?

1) You can track the results of the dental marketing campaigns because we work on specific, measurable goals

“Let’s promote your dental practice and bring you more patients” isn’t an objective you want from a dental marketing company.


Because if we bring you 3 more patients every month, we’ve done our job. But would you be satisfied with the results?

Instead, we set specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound goals such as:

  • Get 20 new patients every month starting from month 3 and increase this number by 50% in the next 6 months
    Or “Increase the number of visitors on your website by 150% in the next 6 months”
    Or “Increase the overall conversion rate by 50% in the next 2 months”

We then set up the proper measurement systems to be able to check if our dental patient marketing efforts are working or not.

2) You’ll have a concrete dental marketing strategy and plan right from the beginning

We don’t start any dental marketing campaign without having agreed on a plan and a strategy.

You’ll always know what are the next steps, what are the next objectives and what are we doing to promote your dental office and bring in more patients.

A dental marketing plan or a dental marketing strategy helps us not lose the big picture, maximize our efforts and it helps you always know how is your dental marketing budget being spent.


3) You get a periodic full report of every dental marketing action we take

A dental marketing company shouldn’t be a black box where you invest some money and you don’t know what is actually happening inside.

This is why at every 2 weeks (and sometimes even every week) you’ll get a complete report of our dental patients marketing efforts.

You’ll know:

  • What have we done in this period to promote your dental practice;
  • How much of the marketing budget has been spent;
  • What are the results of our dental marketing campaigns;
  • What are we doing in the next two weeks.

4) You can test-drive our dental marketing services and our dental marketing company

Letting a dental marketing company promote your dental practice isn’t an easy choice. You want to make sure you get maximum results for your investment and you want to do it without losing a lot of time and money by testing all kinds of dental marketing agencies and services.

This is why we want to start small. We create a dental marketing strategy for both short term and long term.

We set up some goals for the short term and we start with a small dental marketing campaign. If you are satisfied with the results and with the way we work, we can continue. There’s no risk in this way! No long-term contracts or commitments!

Frequently Asked Questions related to our dental marketing services and dental marketing company

“What are the first steps after I decide to go with your dental marketing company?”

The first step is to create a clear dental marketing plan for your practice. We set up both some short term and long term goals. We assign a deadline to each goal and we set up measurement systems for them.

Only after we have all this dental patient marketing strategy we start implementing things.

“What type of dental marketing strategies you use?”

At a higher level, our dental marketing services are based on two major components.

First, we bring targeted traffic on your website as fast as we can. For short term, we use Google Adwords and for long term SEO and local dental SEO.

Second, we make the most out of the traffic we bring. This means, for those people who didn’t schedule for an appointment, we keep in touch with them via email or via Facebook Messenger (another cool online marketing channel for the dental industry!) and we send them information that will help them choose your dental practice over your competitors.

“What are some dental marketing ideas you might use to get more patients into my dental practice?”

The fastest and most efficient way to promote a dental practice is through Google Adwords, so this is a key dental marketing channel we use.

Another efficient dental marketing idea is Facebook retargeting, which allows us to keep in touch with people who visited your website, but didn’t schedule for an appointment.

Another dental marketing idea that fits perfectly in our dental marketing strategy is Facebook Messenger.

Think of Facebook Messenger as of Email Marketing on steroids. Why? Because this channel is new and is not crowded. Plus, people’s attention is on Social Media.

What Facebook Messenger allows us to do for your dental practice is to subscribe people to this channel just as we would subscribe them to your email newsletter. In this way, for those people who showed interest in your services, we can send them additional useful information to help them make a decision.

Content marketing is another efficient marketing idea that is crucial to promote a dental practice. Why? Because through content marketing you can build trust and position yourself and your dental office as the only viable and safe option for your patients to choose.

“What is an example of a dental office marketing plan you might use for my dental office?”

As we mentioned earlier, our dental marketing services always start with a concrete plan.

Here’s an example of a dental marketing plan we might use for your dental practice:



“Are you a dental marketing company, a dental marketing consultant or a freelancer?”

We are a small dental marketing company composed of freelancers. We take only a couple of dental offices at a time so that we can dedicate the right amount of time to each project.

As opposed to big dental marketing agencies, we can allocate time and resources to improve each and every aspect of your business, to test new things that can maximize your return on investment.

“Do you have a dental marketing blog?”

Yes, here you can find everything you need to promote your dental office by yourself (or you can give this link to your dental office manager).

You’ll find:

  • Dental marketing strategies
  • Dental marketing ideas
  • How to create a dental marketing plan
  • How to run dental ads
  • How to create a Facebook Retargeting campaign
  • How to create and run dental Adwords ads
  • And many other dental marketing tips.

All these ideas were tested by us through 4 over years of providing marketing and dental marketing services.

“What is the cost of your dental marketing services?”

It depends on your dental practice’s particular needs. Some dental offices, for example, need only some dental ads or some traffic acquisition dental marketing ideas.

On the other hand, for some businesses, you cannot bring more traffic to the website because the website looks old, outdated and has a weak copywriting. Such cases usually need complete dental marketing services.

But just to give you an idea, here are some numbers:

  • A basic Facebook Ads campaign starts from 300$/month
  • Dental copywriting services start from 97$ per page
  • Dental content writing services start from 77$ per article
  • Dental email marketing services start from 350$ per campaign

“Are you a digital dental marketing company or do you offer any kind of internet dental marketing services?”

We are primarily an Internet dental marketing company and we offer digital dental marketing services or online marketing services or Internet dental marketing services (this is how sometimes people prefer to call them).

Almost everything that we do is connected in some way with the online world because:

  • People’s attention is online nowadays;
  • You can track your results more efficiently;

But even though we mainly offer dental online marketing services, we sometimes also help with “offline” creative dental marketing ideas such as the design or the text for a billboard or copywriting for holiday greeting cards or anything else that has an impact on your practice growth.

“Do you offer dental website marketing services?”

Your website is one of the biggest assets of your dental office and must play a key role when marketing your dental practice. That’s because on the website you can present your services, you can show who you are, how your office looks like etc.

This is also the place where people can get directions, schedule an appointment or even talk to someone on your team via live chat. Plus, it’s much more professional than a simple Facebook page.

This is why almost everything we do is connected to your website and one of our primary goals is to attract potential patients to your website.

So, to answer to this question, yes, we can also help you with dental website marketing services.


“What is a growth hacking dental marketing company?”

Growth hacking is the same marketing concept used by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Airbnb.

It’s a process of rapid experimentation across every area of a business to identify the most efficient ways to grow.

It’s different than “traditional marketing” because for a growth hacker, growth it’s the true north.

For your dental practice for instance, for every dental marketing idea we come up with, we’ll ask ourselves the only question that matters: Will this idea help us get more patients?.

And if we continue with this example, here’s a comparison.

Let’s say we come up with 2 different dental marketing strategies:

Increase number of Facebook likes or Instagram followers to 10.000;
Increase traffic on your website.

A traditional digital marketer will go for idea #1.

But a growth hacker knows that likes and followers don’t mean actual clients. Relevant website traffic on the other hand, does.

A growth hacker focuses only on strategies that help you get clients.

About You

Our dental marketing services are best matched with established businesses with an already proven business model who understand that marketing is not just about creating dental ads to promote some discounts, but a long term game.

What we usually do is also optimize websites, improve content before actually running dental marketing campaigns. Otherwise, experience has proven me that without this, you’d be throwing money away.


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